General News / August 10, 2022

Free the Night launch new survey on nightlife in Northern Ireland

Free the Night
General News / August 10, 2022

Free the Night launch new survey on nightlife in Northern Ireland

Ciarán Howley

Nightlife advocacy group Free the Night have launched a new survey for clubbers to voice their opinions on nightlife in Ireland. 

Today marks the launch of a nationwide survey by Northern Irish non-profit organization Free the Night. Their aim? To assess the current nightlife climate and create in order to provide a new framework for what it needs going forward. 

Primarily, advancing changes to restrictive licensing laws that keep clubs, bars and cultural venues open for a limited number of hours. Current licensing laws allow venues to sell alcohol until 2.00 and shut by 3.00 – unlike many European cities that allow clubs and bars to remain open until much later.

Furthermore, the survey will take account of issues like safety, transport infrastructure, social mobility and the significance of nightlife among certain communities. 

Behind the new survey is Queen’s University Belfast pHd candidate Ciara Power, Belfast DJ Holly Lester and Give Us the Night founder DJ Sunil Sharpe. Speaking about the survey, Lester said:

‘This is a really important opportunity for those who feel like they have not had a say in issues affecting the night time economy to step forward and make their voice heard. We hope that the outcome of this survey and the larger body of research that we are undertaking will pave the way for a more progressive, diverse and equitable landscape in Northern Irish nightlife.’

The survey is entirely anonymous and open to all. Workers in the evening and late-night economy are also encouraged to participate to share their experiences and concerns about working in the industry. 

“We aim to create a space where everyone in Northern Ireland can thrive,” reads the group’s mandate.

The survey takes roughly 5-7 minutes to complete and can be found here. For more info on Free the Night click here.

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