Food / February 13, 2023

Food News Round-Up: New Coffee Shops Galore, Menu Revamps, and Closures.

Food / February 13, 2023

Food News Round-Up: New Coffee Shops Galore, Menu Revamps, and Closures.

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

The world never stops turning, and the food-ers and drinkers of Dublin never stop opening, evolving or moving on. So instead of you having to follow every food business in Dublin, we’ve consolidated the busy weekend of announcements into a handy news piece.

First things first, Farmer Browns, Launched an Earthquake Appeal in aid of Turkey. Bahay popped up at the Aviva alongside Chimac. Chimac also featured in The Guardian’s round-up of little luxuries to treat yourself to. Chimac are popping up at All Good on Saturday for nuggs and wine.

Pala Pizza’s outside space is in jeopardy, and they have asked for help in protecting it. If you want the Foxrock pizzeria to keep its lovely al fresco dining space, sign their petition here.

The Corkscrew are moving venues, only down the road a little bit to bigger premises. Luna Deli and Wine reopened today after a referb. Margha in the RHA announced they will now be open on weekends. The Artybaker officially opened in Sandymount also.

NCT Centre Gets a Speciality Coffee Shop

Deansgrange Business Park is home to a new cafe called Graft. Graft opened this day last week with a small team of coffee aficionados at the helm. Their coffee comes from Carrow Coffee Roasters. Carrow is a boutique roastery based on a family farm in the West of Ireland. They source the best sustainably-grown beans from small-scale farmers and then use their roasting expertise to bring out the best flavour in the cup. They are open from 07:00 to 16:00 weekdays and feature all your favourite coffees and with little treats.

Happy Endings Changes Name

Happy Endings announced they had chained their controversial name to Happys Bar & Street Food at the weekend. In an Instagram post, they announced the name change and said that the nature of the business has expanded, and so has their menu. For anyone who was a fan of their fusion style, don’t worry. That hasn’t gone anywhere. The new menu features black pudding wontons and more. Check out their insta for more info.

Hyde Launched a new Suki Menu.

Hyde on Lemon Street is a four-storey hospitality venue with multiple bars and restaurants, which, when fully operational, will be capable of hosting up to 600 people, and it is seriously glamourous. With Saltwater Grovery, Hang Dai, and Chapter One Alum Karl Wheelan at the helm, how could we not be excited about this? The menu will focus on fresh ingredients.

Neighbourhood Wine Close Leeson Street Branch

Neighbourhood Wine announced the closure of its OG Leeson Street location in a nostalgic Instagram post over the weekend. The time had been coming for them to move on, as the lease on the Leeson Lounge was only temporary. Originally Neighbourhood wine was to be a pop-up, but it was so successful they managed to get over two years out of it and expand to multiple locations, including Arnottes. Hopefully, there will be another location to take up the mantle of Leeson Lounge. Keep an eye on their insta to see where they grow to.

Bray Is Home to a New Artisinal Coffee Shop

Bray got a new coffee shop named “cracked pots” last week. The spot is predominantly for takeaway coffee at the moment, but it looks like the space will be able to accommodate sit-in caffeinaters in the future. As well as the usual coffee suspects, they also sell Firehouse pastries. They are open every day From 07:00 to 16:00 in Boghall Shopping Centre, Bray.

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