Food / August 15, 2023

Collab Alert: Rí-Rá has Joined Forces with Bear Creation

Food / August 15, 2023

Collab Alert: Rí-Rá has Joined Forces with Bear Creation

Rí-Rá Irish Lager has joined forces with local creatives Bear Creation from Wicklow to present the Ultimate Home Bar. Now you have a chance to make it yours.

Unveiling what could very well be this year’s most enticing giveaway on Instagram, Rí-Rá is extending an opportunity to win the spectacular Ultimate Home Bar, complete with a Bose speaker and a year’s supply of free beer*.

Crafted in partnership with Bear Creation, this sleek and alluring creation is the perfect addition to your living space. The bar boasts a built-in Bose speaker to ensure a continuous flow of music. It also comes stocked with a refreshing supply of Rí-Rá’s delightful Irish lager, which will be replenished throughout the year.

The competition is set to kick off on August 16 and will run until August 30. The lucky winners will be unveiled on August 31, 2023. To participate, head over to the official @Ri.Ra.Beer Instagram account, hit that follow button, and tag a friend you’re planning to invite over to inaugurate the new bar. To be eligible, entrants must be 18 years or older and reside on the island of Ireland.

About Rí-Rá Brewing Co.: Celebrating Irish Spirit and Camaraderie

Rí-Rá Brewing Co. presents a fresh and light local lager, thoughtfully brewed and reasonably priced right in Wicklow. As an independently owned establishment, their mission revolves around bringing people together to celebrate the most enjoyable aspects of modern Irish culture. The name “Rí-Rá” encapsulates the unpredictable and playful nature that Irish individuals excel at. In a world driven by data and precision, Rí-Rá embraces the lively spontaneity that turns ordinary moments into cherished memories. They embrace the Irish spirit of misneach (courage), rejecting conformity and harnessing the power of genuine human connection. This is why Rí-Rá Irish Lager is dedicated to nurturing opportunities for conversations, gatherings, banter, love, and togetherness, reminding us all of the beauty of shared experiences.

About Bear Creation: Melding Artistry with Timeless Craftsmanship

Hailing from Wicklow, Bear Creation is a boutique design studio that has garnered admiration for its remarkable work. The creative minds behind Bear Creation have poured their hearts into crafting high-quality furniture and homeware. With their expertise spanning timber furniture, metalwork, and upholstery, their mission is to create enduring pieces that transcend generations, embodying the sentiment of heirloom craftsmanship.

At the core of their philosophy lies the belief that each purchase should be an investment for life. This reflects their commitment to sustainability and longevity. The outcome of this partnership shines in the form of the exquisite Ultimate Home Bar.

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