General News / August 2, 2022

Chapters to relocate and be replaced by a gym

Image: EVOKE
General News / August 2, 2022

Chapters to relocate and be replaced by a gym

Words: Ellen Kenny

W.B. Weights, Samuel Bench-it, and J. R. R. Protein will be coming to a Chapters near you very soon.

Chapters Bookstore are moving to a “a smaller location” in the city as applications to build a gym on the premises move forward.

According to the application submitted to the Council, the current location on Parnell Street is “much larger than required.” They claim this has been an issue for Chapters since the 2008 recession.

The issue has apparently been made worse now by “the advent and ongoing popularity of the ebook market.”

Chapters briefly shut its doors at the beginning of the year following the retirement of its founder, Willie Kinsella. However, GameStop co-founders Kevin Neary and Michael Finucane later bought the store soon after.

Now, the new owners are “keen to provide an online presence” to the bookstore. They have also already found new premises in the city centre to relocate to, according to the application.

And what else would you replace Ireland’s largest bookstore with, but with a gym? Chads, one. Nerds, zero.

Chapters Gym

According to the application, the premises of Chapters is so large that “there are no likely retail tenants or operators interested in the subject property”. Except for a gym operator, which the owners of Chapters are now looking to facilitate.

The applicants, O’Mahony Pike Architects, actually put in an application to build the gym in early January when the bookstore briefly closed.

The proposed development of a gym on the Parnell Street premises would comprise a gymnasium facility including the ground floor and mezzanine floor areas.

The application suggests that a new gym on Parnell Street would “facilitate the continued vibrancy of the street and further create a mixed-use environment providing choice to the working, visiting and resident population”.

So keep an eye out for any more updates on relocation dates. You’d hate to be the tote bag-wielding creative rocking up to Parnell Street without realising the change in location. Imagine being greeted, not by bargains and secondhand books, but protein shakes and bench presses.

We’ll miss the warehouse haven that is Chapters, but at least their new location will still be in the city centre, close to its original premise. I mean, how else are all the jocks going to find the nerds when the come out of their leg-day session?

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