Best Looking Things to Eat in Dublin This Week 31/07/23

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Is it just us, or are summer dishes the sexiest-looking dishes?

We’ve consolidated all the best-looking bits into one handy article for your care and attention. So if you’re looking to eat in Dublin this week, then this is the list for you.



Haddock – Clanbrassil House

This week, taking a punt on Hot Smoked Haddock with Teriyaki Glaze, Haddock Dashi, and Egg egg-fried bok Choy is the choice to be making with your hard-earned payday monnnayyy. The hot smoked haddock is luscious and smoky. The teriyaki glaze adds a delectable balance of sweetness and umami. Then it rounds the corner accompanied by the dashi, a savory and aromatic broth. Indulgent as fudge but fresher. The egg-fried bok choy provides a satisfying crunch and a hint of Asian flair. What more could you want from your week?


Italian Girl Dinner – Sienna’s

This week is just a paté week. I can’t explain it but it is. Be honest look at that picture and tell me you wouldn’t be diving across the table with food envy if someone else got it and you didn’t. Sienna’s Duck Liver Pate is an adventure. The dish hits with velvety smooth duck liver paté. There’s also smoked duck ham and the zesty brightness of orange puree to top and tail. The candied walnuts bring the crunch factor, while the chianti pickled onions add a burst of tangy sweetness. Put ’em together and what have you got? Bibbedy bobbedy brilliant choice for the week that’s in it.


Bao – Two Pups

Two Pups are hitting with something new in the form of a Bun Cha Bao, making it the must-try café dish this week. This culinary diviation features succulent Vietnamese-style sausage meat, homemade teriyaki glaze, tangy pickled carrots, daikon, and the refreshing crunch of shredded spring onions. All encased in a pillowy soft bao bun. What more could you want with a glass of natty skin contact orange?


Prawn Gratin – Michael’s

Michael’s Prawn Gratin is the seafood dish of the week for its unparalleled buttery charm. Succulent prawns, sourced locally for the freshest taste, are bathed in a velvety blend of creamy gruyere and parmesan. The dish’s balance of flavors is enhanced by a medley of fragrant herbs, adding a touch of sophistication to this classic comfort. As always Michael’s captures the essence of the ocean on a plate and slathers it just right to get you to hop. on a bus and high-tail it out to try it. He never lets you down.


Nameko Mushrooms – Hang Dai

Hang Dai’s Nameko Mushrooms with Summer Truffle Rice is the dish of the week. Look at it! How could it not be? This delectable creation showcases the earthy aroma and umami-rich taste of nameko mushrooms, perfectly complemented by the subtle notes of luxurious summer truffle. The creamy texture of the rice serves as a delightful canvas, absorbing all the delightful essences. This dish strikes a harmonious balance between simplicity and indulgence. It’s a unique combination that you haven’t tried anywhere else, so go get on bucket-listing it before summer truffle season passes.

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