Best Looking Things to Eat in Dublin This Week 04/09/23

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

September is upon us, bringing with it a cornucopia of dishes so hot, you’ll forget we’re sliding into sweater weather.

Proceed with caution: the next images are hella raunchy.


The Lemon Belly Pizza at Rascal’s

Rascal’s pizza menu is a showstopper: it’s hit after leoparded, cheesy hit. But not content with having unveiled new additions to their menu earlier in the year (peep our review here), they’ve only gone and added a few more to the roster including a citrussy September number called The Lemon Belly. Taking the pineapple on pizza discourse to a whole new level, this pie is built upon a garlicky base and also features mozzarella, crispy pancetta, chopped chives and – of course – sliced lemon. Pair that with any of their equally-phenomenal brews and you’re strapped in for a good time.


Lunch Special Fish Sandwiches at The Seafood Cafe

The Seafood Cafe is the liferaft that I keep coming back to again and again for good quality Irish fish and a good vibe. They’re currently slinging a lunchtime specials menu from Monday to Friday, 12pm – 4pm. There’s a few different fish sandwiches to choose from: the hot smoked trout foccacia, the fried fish sandwich and the fish & chip butty. As with everything The Seafood Cafe and Klaw do, it’s top shelf and also good value. And with the weather finally stepping up to the plate, there’s no better excuse to plonk yourself out on their terrace and feel your maritime fantasy on your lunchbreak.


Bluefin Tuna Tacos at Órale Street Food

Having taken over Roe & Co distillery’s Summer Garden a few weeks back, Órale are back in their home in Pawn Shop on Dame Street. But they’ve brought a friend with them: one of their limited menu items from their residency, the bluefin tuna tacos. We’re big fans of Órale’s creativity with flavour and fusion -and this boy is no exception. Pairing the bluefin tuna with miso, yuzu, salsa de valle and calamansi cucumber, it’s a self-professed flavour bomb. And damn, do we believe them wholeheartedly.


Wild Irish Bluefin Tuna Crudo at Woodruff

Perhaps you’re starting to see a fishy theme going here, but with the wealth of produce we reap from our seas, it’s hard not to fantasise about all of it. Woodruff don’t do anything by halves, and reading the ingredient list of this particular dish alone is enough to bring you to your knees, mouth drooling. Co-starring alongside wild Irish bluefin tuna is pickled shiitake mushrooms, fermented jalapeño, sesame praline and smoked tuna bone marrow dashi. Divine.


Sandwich de Chocolate at La Gordita

La Gordita has had our hearts and appetites in a chokehold ever since they finally opened their doors on Montague Street. And while we lust after their ever-changing weekly arroz dishes (last week’s was a quail variety, excuse you), their desserts are not to be sniffed at either. The latest dish to grace their menu is a sweet one: a spiced chocolate sandwich. If a deluxe chocolate sandwich went and raided the spice cabinet, you’d get this. Nestled between two thin crispbreads, there’s ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves all up in bed with smooth chocolate and some herbage. We swoon!

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