The 5 definitive Irish pop culture moments in March

Words: Dylan Murphy, Eva O’Beirne & Shamim De Brún

Such is the speed of the online news cycle, if you take a day off Twitter you could miss the biggest moment of the month as it comes and goes. Likewise, the noise often drowns out the good stuff. That’s why we’re highlighting the moments in the Irish zeitgeist, no matter how big or small, that have caught our eye every month. Viral tweets, Tik Toks, historic events or beautiful pieces of local art – nothing is off limits.


Irish Twitter’s reaction to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

Unless you are a Dodo you’ll remember the moment Will Smith ruined his career exactly fifteen minutes before he won an Oscar for Best Actor. The slap was heard around the world but was anyone expecting it to be the lead on The Claire Byrne show, the supposed home of high brow journalism on Irish radio? Sure everyone globally made the being sent to Bel-Air reference but Irish Twitter didn’t stop there. The well-tailored meme got the Irish treatment and went on to become a phenomenon in its own right.

– Shamim de Brún


One Directioners swarming Carl Kinsella

Your guess is as good as mine to what Liam Payne is even doing these days, but let Carl Kinsella’s tweet this week be a reminder that it’s better for everyone it remains a thought in your head. He found himself on Stan Twitter’s chopping board after grossly miscalculating the fandom of a defunct boyband. At this rate, we need to start a support group for Irish people who have been victims of stan culture. It’s been less than two years since Dublin group Lankum had thousands of Swifties swarm on their feed and poor Carl had a few hundred responses in a matter of hours.

– Dylan Murphy


Mary Robinson spitting facts

Legendary activist and former Irish president Mary Robinson sat down with the skinny pink man himself Ryan Tubary on the Late Late show and laid out the issues as they are. First, she won the nation over with their condemnation of the violent attack on Ukraine and Vladimir Putin. Then, she single-handedly made the Late Late show culturally relevant again with her succinct call to action regarding climate change. Taking a moment to remind everyone that if we don’t get our asses in gear and fix it now there won’t be an Ireland for the next generation. Despite radio silence from official RTE socials this claim managed to garner a quarter of a million views in a matter of days. Go’wan Mrs Robinson, the climate activist we need but do not deserve.

– Shamim de Brún


NI Passes Historic Abortion Bill

Six bills faced their final stage including legislation to tackle period poverty and providing paid leave to victims of domestic abuse. All of them were passed. This notably included The Abortion Services (Safe Access Zones) Bill – Banning anti-abortion protests outside health clinics and settings in Northern Ireland. The Bill basically creates safe zones around abortion clinics to prevent harassment and intimidation of women by anti-choice activists. This was a big win for women and Northern Irish women in particular. The passing of these bills brought so much joy there was literal jumping with it.

– Shamim de Brún


Derry Girls featuring in The Simpsons Universe

Some co-signs are worth more than others. With the third and final series of Lisa McGhee’s ‘Derry Girls’ set to air shortly, the show was scribed into Springfield folklore after images of a new ice cream parlour emerged on Twitter. For me, this is up there with the best Irish nods in The Simpsons history and definitely edges out Homer’s ‘Potato Man’ invasion of U2’s Springfield concert. This is a massive W for Ireland.

– Dylan Murphy