Sandwich of the Week: 147 Deli

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Welcome to Sandwich of the Week, where we at CHAR endeavour every week, we’ll bring you the latest and greatest in the world of Dublin Sandwiches, from towering Dagwoods to delicate tea sandwiches.

In the ever-evolving landscape of sandwich craftsmanship, CHAR has uncovered a true gem that demands recognition as our Sandwich of the Week. The humble sandwich is a work of art. It’s a knife’s edge balance of flavours and textures. Sandwiches are a portable feast that can be eaten on the go or savoured slowly. Dublin Sandwiches are our favourite way to eat. They pack together everything we love in slightly different yet comfortably familiar ways. That means that when you buy a sandwich, it has to be good. It has to do something you can’t do.  

147 Deli

The Reuben

Deli 147 is the OG “sammich” game hotspot. It has a legendary reputation and long queues for its delectable and generously sized sandwiches. While the specials board regularly showcases creative seasonal offerings, The Reuben holds a special place as one of the original gems on the menu. And has been a staple since the deli’s inception in 2013/2014.

The Reuben at 147 Deli is a sandwich masterpiece that captivates the taste buds with its carefully constructed layers. Precisely cut corned beef is joined by sliced gherkins and sauerkraut, all nestled between two slices of malted multiseed bread. A generous dollop of pink Russian dressing, meticulously made in-house, adds a tangy punch. For the ultimate experience, the sandwich can be toasted to perfection in the Merrychef, a powerful oven and microwave combo. The result is a gooey delight that tantalizes the senses. With the tanginess cutting through the richness of the beef while the creaminess and crunch of the toasted multiseed bread linger in the background.

What sets Deli 147’s Reuben apart is the innovative twist given to this American classic. Barry Stephens, the creative mind behind the deli, carefully curated each component to reflect his own interpretation. Instead of pastrami, he opted for corned beef. In a departure from tradition, selected a malted multiseed bread sourced from Arán bakery. Even the sauces are crafted in-house, a testament to Stephens’ meticulous attention to detail. The resulting sandwich is a harmonious fusion of flavours. Each element complements the others, elevating it beyond a mere pile of meat and pickles.

When it comes to sourcing the ingredients, Deli 147 spares no effort. Stephens relies on trusted purveyors such as FX Buckley, Mick Doyle Butchers, and Higgins Family Butchers for his high-quality meats. While some condiments, like sauerkraut, are purchased due to space constraints, the deli’s commitment to flavour is evident in the sauces they make from scratch.

Sometimes the sambo of the week has to be a stalwart classic. And this one holds a particularly special place in all our hearts. So if you haven’t tried it, change that.

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