Best Looking Things to eat in Dublin This Week 06/09/22

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Things to eat in and around Dublin from September 6 to September 12

We’ve collected some of the most delectable foods being sold in Dublin right now and compiled them into an extensive ol’ list. Here are five things in Dublin this week that we like the look of:


Popcorn Tofu – Saba

Spicy Tofu Popcorn has arrived at Saba. The popcorn-style tofu is teamed with carrots, spring onions, and coriander, topped with a chilli caramel sauce. The sauce is Harvey Dent level two-faced. Chili Caramel is a two-face beauty. The sweetness of the Caramel indulges you. The chilli is the exact opposite face of the coin and shocks the taste buds with the hotness element. It’s crunchy, saucy, and vegan to boot—a perfect little treat to kick off the week.


Kimchi Mussles – Soup 2

Kimchi and mussels, what is not to love? Who would have thought to put these two unlikely friends together other than the genuine innovators in Soup? Here the people who built their name in part in the success of their deep-fried kimchi have knocked it out of the proverbial park. They pan-cook the most sustainable shellfish in chipotle chilli and kimchi sake cream. Sounds great. Tastes betetr. The dish is served with chargrilled bread in garlic oil, which perfectly elevates the dish. I’m considering going back for seconds on it. Or maybe making it a weekly treat


Kai x Cluck Burger

Just look at that cheese gloop. Could it be any more inviting? The latest burger of the month from Cluck is a collaboration with Jess Murphy of Kai Galway. It looks set to be an oozy doozy. The free-range Irish chicken is brined in Kombucha before being dredged in a Dorito Crumb. The generous helping of nacho cheese is there to set off the Buckfast hot sauce with a light toasted Japanese milk bun rounding out the experience. So get on top of this one. It looks like the kind of experience you won’t want to miss.


Oyster – Hang Dai

Kick-off oyster season with the Hang Dai team’s wild, exciting offering. Grilled oysters are an underdone splendour. So while I am keen on fresh oysters with nothing but a touch of lemon or Tobasco grilled offerings bring something else to the table. They top it with scallions, panko crumbs and a simple soy glaze. The classic Chinese pairing of seafood with scallions and savoury sauce makes for an experience that adds flavour while still allowing the delicate saltiness of the oyster to shine through. So if you’re nervous, you need only order one—the perfect foray into something new this week.


Stuffed Courgette Flowers – Volpe Nera

This fried courgette flower stuffed with ricotta and drizzled in truffle honey is the perfect treat to send off the summer with. It is everything you could want in a decadent bite. Eating courgette flowers dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times, but this modern interpretation honours those flavours while bringing them into the contemporary world. It’s a light bite full of flavour and a perfect snack for the week in it.

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