14 Places For If You’re a Dope with No Reservation This Holiday Season

Words: Shamim de Brún
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While we are massive advocates for making a booking for everything during silly season, we know that things don’t always work out like that. Sometimes, the mood just takes you, even in December, and it can be a mare working out where to go.

But fear not, fellow rebels, because we’ve scouted out the best spots in Dublin where you can waltz in unannounced and feast like there’s no tomorrow.


Loose Cannon, Drury Street

Now this one is with a caveat – only if you’re early. Loose Cannon takes up prime real estate and it can fill up fast. But if there’s only a couple of you and it’s just about after work time you might be lucky, and it’s always worth checking out.


777, George’s Street

Mexican vibes and margaritas calling your name? 777 is the spot for you. They’re walk-in only for groups under six, so gather your squad and indulge in some contemporary twists on Mexican delights. Sundays even come with a bargain menu – dishes and drinks for €7.77. It’s practically a steal. Bargains and Margs, what more could you ask for?


The Seafood Café, Temple Bar


Masa, Drury Street & Camden Street

Another Mexican gem that gives a big ol’ thumbs up to walk-ins is Masa. Now, with two locations and double the craic. Fresh interior vibes, fish tacos, tortilla chips with a salsa spread, and frozen margaritas – it’s a perfect winter fiesta—half in, half out, just like your commitment to planning in advance.


Chimac, Aungier Street

Chimac needs no grand introduction. If you’re a regular reader or a new one you’ll know Char and Chimac love a collab – the ultimate power couple. Their burgers are the stuff of dreams, especially the “Good Good” or the new “Nashville Hot” with twice-fried free-range chicken. And don’t even get us started on the Chimac poutine – it’s a mainstay on our inner ‘top dishes in dublin’ monlogue. Walk in with your mates, grab a seat, and let the chicken feast begin.


Coke Lane Pizza, Lucky’s and The Circular

Elevated Neapolitan pizza with a side of fun? Coke Lane Pizza is your go-to, and they’re firing up ovens in multiple spots. Try “The Smoked Margarita” with Irish sunstream tomatoes smoked for three hours – because who needs plans when you have pizza?


Dash Burger, Capel Street & Kevin Street

When you don’t have a res but still need a smashing good time. Dash Burger on Capel Street has got you covered. Indoor and outdoor seating, so you can satisfy those last-minute burger cravings. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try the spicy tendies. They will blow the mouth off ya.


Kimchi Hophouse, Parnell Street

Can’t decide between Korean or Japanese? Kimchi Hophouse on Parnell Street has got your back. Bibimbap, japchae, sushi – they’ve got it all. She’s a casual pub-like setting, no reservations needed, but at this time of year, they are recommended. You may need to wait a bit, because she is a popular gal. But the wait shouldn’t be too long. It’s a great backup for when you need a quick game plan.

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