5 Best Full Irish Breakfasts In Dublin Right Now

Words: Shamim de Brún

Images: Unsplash

Ah, the full Irish —or what your Ma’ would call the “cooked breakfast” or your nanny might refer to as a ‘fry-up’. The ultimate Sunday morning after-Mass reward for bellies that grumbled their way through the ‘Peace Be With You’ of it all, anticipation high. A glorious spread of porky goodness on the plate with eggs done just the way your mam thought was right. It’s a feast fit for Brian Boru, or at least for those lucky enough to snag a pig over a cow back in the day.

Despite the hipster avo toast trends, the full Irish breakfast still reigns supreme, albeit with a few modern twists. Sure, it’s not an everyday affair anymore—calories and all that—but when the craving hits, nothing else will do. Bed and Breakfasts and hotels proudly peddle it to eager patrons, alongside its continental and veggie cousins.

Why the enduring love affair with this artery-clogging delight? Well, for starters, it tastes good. Then like all of our cultural classics, it’s nostalgic. The sizzle of bacon, the snap of sausage, the creamy yolk of a perfectly-fried egg. Simpler times when we didn’t quite know pork was a class-one carcinogen.

Or remembering college days of nursing hangovers with copious cups of tea—there’s a sense of camaraderie that comes with the full Irish. It’s a ritual, a tradition, a thing we fight the British over who invented (we have the white pudding and potato farls to prove it is an independent cultural institution). It’s a nod to our past, a celebration of our present, and a damn good excuse to eat like the Celtic kings of yore, even if it’s just for a morning.

So here are 5 spots in Dublin that sling the best full Irish far in town right now.

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