Food / September 14, 2022

Bonobo Sister Bar to open in Rathmines

Food / September 14, 2022

Bonobo Sister Bar to open in Rathmines

Words: Shamim de Brún

Kodiak will open this week, taking over from Copán, which stood at 304 Rathmines Road Lower for a decade.

According to an Instagram post, they are opening their doors this week “for definite this time, no turning back.” Though the official date is still up in the air.

Kodiak is the fourth animal in Shane Clifford and Hugh O’Farrell’s nationwide menagerie, joining Bonobo, Impala in Cork and Caribou in Galway. The zoological names are an homage to popular electronic music artists. Kodiak is a bear but is also the name of a slightly more obscure London electronic duo.

Though it could be a German drone/doom metal band, in action 2008-2012, a Northern Irish rock band, a Pennsylvanian band, a US emo band active in the 1990s, a Glaswegian band formed in 2004, a Canadian world music group, a US rapper or a three-piece Funeral Drone/Doom Metal band.

The duo are veterans of the Cassidy’s / P Mac’s / Blackbird group, which explains the similar but more mature style.

Bonobo is named for our closest relative in the animal kingdom and gained notoriety by collabing with Neighbourhood Wine and Dublin Pizza Company, the highly rated Aungier Street wood-fired pizza takeaway during lockdown number three.

In all likelihood, Kodiac will be the same style as Bonobo with wood-fired pizza. It seems highly probable that the place will also be decked out in plants. Bonobo is covered in cascading green creepers, prominent tropical trees in planters, and whole walls covered in green leaves. Unsurprisingly Potty Mouth, the go-to indie plant shop, was also one of the pop-ups during lockdown.

The Dublin 7 spot is known for its impressive list of craft beers, which includes White Hag, and Whiplash. As well as its quirky cocktails.

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