#18: Top 5 best looking things to eat in Dublin this week

Words: Emily Mullen

Things to eat in and around Dublin from September 6 to September 12 everything from slices of ox tongue to smoked eel tarts.

We have collected some of the most delectable foods being sold in Dublin right now, and compiled them into a big ol’ list. Here are five things in Dublin this week that we like the look of:


Canteen’s Smoked Eel and Oyster Tart

First launched in Celbridge, by James Sheridan and Soizic Humbert. In April 2020, Canteen hit the N4 and settled into their new spot in Dublin’s Marlin hotel. Since then they’ve been airing out the menu, with things like their dressed up beetroot, smoked eel and oyster tart. A smoked eel and oyster mashup has been stirred with chunks of beetroot and scooped into a thin casing. The menu at Canteen changes daily, so check their Instagram for updates.


Savage Sauce’s Orange Miso

Inspired by an “aged backpackers” trip to Japan, the team at Savage Sauces created a small batch run of a orange miso sauce. Mixing up the soybean umami flavour with some hits of apple cider vinegar, orange juice, honey and pickled ginger. The team at Savage Sauce’s recommend lashing it on roast veg like roasted carrots, aubergine, squash, using it as a marinade for fish and chicken as well as styling it up as a salad dressing. Made in Cork, you can find Savage Sauce in a lot of independent retailers like Marlow & Co, Vice, Lotts & Co, Hen’s Teeth etc., for more information visit their Instagram account.


Lock’s Ox Tongue on Waffles

Flipping the typical chicken and waffles dish on its head, Locks have created a ox tongue and waffle dish for their snack menu. Slices of thinly cut tongue are topped with pickled mushroom and then laying on a waffle. You can find Locks on Portobello’s Windsor Terrace, for more information visit their Instagram.


Firehouse’s Beef Tagine Flatbread

While they may be Wicklow-based, you are hard pressed to find a cafe in Dublin that don’t stock Firehouse Bakery’s products. Their own spot in Delgany, does a lot more more than just bake bread, it operates as a bread making school and a cafe. Their latest special is the beef tagine flatbread. Made up of woodfires short rib beef, herb couscous, pomegranate seeds, toasted almonds, pickled red onions, chillis, red cabbage, harissa yoghurt, tagine dipping sauce, served on a flatbread alongside chips. This hefty feed is available from Firehouse’s spot in Delgany, Co. Wicklow, follow them on Instagram for more information.


Inhale’s Spinach Strudel


Operating out of a converted horse trailer, Inhale are making the most of their limited space. From slinging 3FE coffees to the people of Shankill, the team are also selling the likes of this creamy spinach strudel. The golden puff pastry crust has been slashed to show the cheesy spinach inards. You can find Inhale on Shankill’s Quinns Road, follow them on Instagram for more information.

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