Food / February 17, 2022

Polish wine festival tickets are on sale now

Food / February 17, 2022

Polish wine festival tickets are on sale now

Words: Shamim de Brún

Tickets are now available for Ireland’s premier Polish wine festival on 27 March at The Fumbally Stables.

Your ticket includes more than 70 wines over five wine regions from 16 wine producers for twenty euros. All proceeds will be donated to the rehabilitation of Ewa Galka. Ewa Galka is the wife of Wladyslaw, an artist who designs wine labels for Winnica Zodiak and is slowly recovering from a stroke.

The day also features a two-hour masterclass wine tasting led by Maciej Nowicki of Ferment Wine Magazine. You can purchase tickets from EventBrite for the festival itself, but the master class is by invitation.

They were founded in 2018 by three Irish wine enthusiasts. Together they spend months travelling across Poland to meet local wine producers and taste their wines. Gradually they introduced Polish into their private wine tastings before expanding to found the festival.

The first festival was slated to occur in 2020. But it went the way of all festivals in the year the pandemic descended.


The Fumbally Stables was created in 2015, an old stables building next door to the café.The Stables building has become a mainstay venue in the Dublin food and wine scene, from yoga and meditation classes to talks, film screenings, food event series, and fermentation workshops. The Polish wine festival will be its first wine festival.

Because of its more recent evolution, Polish wine leans more towards the more trendy natural wine end of the scale. As a result, attendees can prepare to see Pet-Nats, field blends, skin contact, biodynamic, and unfiltered organic wine dominate this festival.

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