Food / June 14, 2023

Parliament Street to be Pedestrianised At Weekends

Food / June 14, 2023

Parliament Street to be Pedestrianised At Weekends

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

According to an Instagram post by Stoned Takeaway on Parliament Street, the street is set to be pedestrianised from Saturday to Sunday for the months of July and August.

Dublin City Council appears to have unveiled its plans to pedestrianize Parliament Street. This will allow residents and visitors to enjoy a vehicle-free experience on weekends for an extended period of two months. This initiative, which aims to foster a family-friendly atmosphere, will commence on July 1 and continue until late August. It will offer pedestrians and cyclists unrestricted access to the street from 11:00 to 11:00, according to Stone Takaway’s Instagram post.

CHAR has been unable to verify the post with DCC at the time of publication but reached out to Stoned to verify the information. Paul Kevill, owner of Stoned, said, “Got the info because I’ve been pushing/fighting for this for three years back and forth with the council as I’m representing all biz on Parliament St. So I’m the unofficial point of contact for all”. He went on to say that he is advocating to get the run started a week earlier than announced but that there is “no word yet” on that.

In the post, Stone Takeaway, they referenced the recent controversy surrounding the addition of a bike rack instead of outdoor seating Street 66 had enjoyed during the pandemic. They said, “Now, just remove that stupid bike rack !!! & maybe give us #pride weekend #traffic free that would be amazing.”

The announcement comes on the back of FM104 reporting that it was believed these plans were “dead in the water” yesterday.

Last summer, the city conducted traffic-free trials on Parliament Street, limited to from 18:30 to 23:00. Following valuable feedback from these trials and other assessments carried out in 2021, Dublin City Council has responded to the public’s demand for more family-friendly times and decided to extend the measures to encompass weekends starting from 11:00.

During the designated hours, the street will be closed off to vehicles. This will allow residents and visitors to stroll and cycle freely, providing a vibrant and safe environment for families. It is important to note that deliveries will still be permitted on Parliament Street until 11:00. This ensures businesses can continue their operations seamlessly. Additionally, access to nearby Essex Quay and Essex Street will be unaffected by the pedestrianization, maintaining essential connections for motorists.

While the primary objective is to create a pedestrian-friendly space, emergency vehicular access will be preserved at all times. Emergency services will have unrestricted entry to all locations on Parliament Street, ensuring public safety remains a top priority.

These temporary measures are part of a broader initiative called the City Centre Transport Study, which is currently in its final stages. The study aims to make permanent changes to Parliament Street, and a draft will be released for public consultation in either August or September. The council seeks public input to shape the future of the street. It will take into account the needs and preferences of residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

With the forthcoming public consultation, Dublin City Council encourages active participation from all stakeholders to contribute to the long-term vision and development of Parliament Street.

Following a successful trial in 2021, Capel Street recently became completely traffic-free on a permanent basis – the largest such stretch in the city. South William Street is also expected to follow soon.

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