Food / August 25, 2022

New Italian Speciality Wine Bar opening beside Trinity

Food / August 25, 2022

New Italian Speciality Wine Bar opening beside Trinity

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Press

Aperitivo Cicchetti will open tomorrow at 17:00 on Nassau Street, Dublin 2.

To celebrate their opening, they’re giving one person a chance to win a two hundred and fifty euro voucher on their Instagram. Check out their Instagram for the competition details.

Dublin’s newest wine bar is a small Italian plate, wine and cocktail specialist. Their website says they plan to “focus on great Italian food and wine alongside classic Italian cocktails with a selection of Aperitifs, Negronis and Spritzes”. 

The team is led by General Manager Alessia Cocuzza, who hails from Gattinara in Piedmont Italy and Marco Giacobelli, assistant manager from Naples. The head chef Darek was a previous head chef in The Port House and lived in Italy for fifteen years.

They say the new spot is inspired by the Venetian “Cicchetti”. Venetian Cicchetti is small plates of food made up of local specialities served at traditional bars in and around Venice. When Venetians want a bite, they head to their favourite “bacaro” (bar) for this, essentially the Venetian version of tapas. The directors Lee Sim (Director of The Port House Group) and Marcin Skudlarski (Food director of the Port House Group) wanted to bring Cicchetti to Dublin.

The team here “have meticulously picked our small Italian plates from the best in Italian cuisine”, according to their website. Their dishes will be on rotation every week to allow customers to explore the many facets of Italian food. Offerings will range from traditional Roman dishes carbonara and cacio e pepe to Panzanella from Tuscany & arancini from Sicily.

The interior is 1950s Italian swing joint themed. The front-of-house team are really “excited about” their negronis, especially their “house smoked negroni”.

​The interior is 1950s Italian swing joint themed.

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