General News / October 19, 2022

Instagram is testing adding songs to your profile

Image: Unsplash
General News / October 19, 2022

Instagram is testing adding songs to your profile

Words: Ellen Kenny

Instagram is entering its MySpace era, proving that time is a circle.

In their bid to let you put your entire heart and soul into your social media presence, Instagram is currently working on a new feature to allow users to add songs to their personal profile.

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted screenshots of the feature. According to Paluzzi, the song will appear in each person’s profile and will be playable. To add a song, you will be able to visit “Edit profile,” then a “Music” option will show up. From there, you will be able to search for a song and give it a caption and justify your tastes.

According to Instagram, the feature is an “internal prototype” and is not yet being tested externally.

This is not a brand new feature on Instagram. Dating apps like Hinge already allow this feature to let people judge each other’s music tastes. And of course, we have to refer back to the ancient scrolls: MySpace.

Back when the social network was at the height of its popularity between 2005 and 2008, users could add songs to their MySpace profile. The feature was also available on another internet dinosaur, Bebo. Unlike MySpace, however, the song on your Instagram profile probably won’t automatically start playing when viewing your account.

Instagram is known for borrowing features from other social media platforms, from taking stories from Snapchat, reels from Tiktok to the “dual” feature from BeReal. And now, they’re going all the way back to the source and borrowing from MySpace.

Instagram really said, “reject modernity, embrace tradition.”

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