Food / April 8, 2022

Dublin 8’s first dessert and whiskey tasting experience: Karen Smith at D-8TE

Food / April 8, 2022

Dublin 8’s first dessert and whiskey tasting experience: Karen Smith at D-8TE

A great dessert can thrive independently of a meal. A beautiful dessert is like couture, extravagant, and memorable. Many restaurants dream of desserts that encapsulate their personality. This Easter, Karen Smith and the Roe & Co Distillery have joined forces on an exciting collaboration at D-8TE, bringing Ireland’s first ever dessert and Irish whiskey tasting experience to Dublin 8.

Award-nominated pastry chef Karen Smith will offer high-quality patisserie in collaboration with Roe & Co during her two week pop up at D-8TE. D-8TE is a gastronomical experience that celebrates flavour in the cultural heart of Dublin. This year, Karen rounds off an innovative series of menu takeovers celebrating the best of modern Ireland with her sweet treat tasting menu. This menu will have the option to be paired with whiskey cocktails. This unique dessert selection is the final instalment at D-8TE this spring, following on from Man Street Kitchen and the Salt Project. Her collaboration is running from April 14–17, & 21-24.

Award-nominated Karen Smith is the founder of Curated by Karen and Head Pastry Development Chef of Hip Key Cafe. She has worked at China Sichuan, the Lady Helen at Mount Juliet, and the Four Seasons and Intercontinental in Dublin. Karen’s confections have been lauded by the Irish Times, the Irish Independent, and the Sunday Business Times. Critic Tom Doorley has described Karen’s work as “the best gateau opera I have had outside of France.”

This exclusive two week pop up is a sweet tooth’s dream come true as Karen is the dessert curator who understands how dessert works. Karen’s desserts are lovingly crafted, painstakingly detailed, and exquisite to taste. Above all, they are unique to D-8TE, Roe & Co and the collaboration ethos they represent.

Roe & Co mature their whiskey in Bourbon casks that they char on the inside. Through the charring, the oak caramelises, setting free the natural sweetness of the wood with tasting notes of honey and vanilla, making whiskey the perfect accompanist to desserts. Karen has curated a dessert tasting menu showcasing the best of Irish ingredients. Each offering combines her detail, refinement, design and a love of all things whimsical and nostalgic. The menu includes Karen’s take on Ferrero Rocher, jelly & ice cream and Twix chocolate domes. Each can be enjoyed with a creatively paired Roe & Co whiskey cocktail.

Whiskey cocktail pairings that work alongside these modern Irish desserts include a Mango & Hazelnut Bellini,  Carrot Cake Milk Punch and a Mint Chocolate Mojito.

D-8TE offers diners the chance to experience a full tasting menu for €35 pp, with opt-in drinks pairing for €30 pp. The Power House Garden is open on Thursday and Friday evenings, Saturday afternoon until the evening, and Sunday afternoon until 16:00.

Click here to book a table for Curated by Karen at D-8TE at Roe & Co Distillery’s Power House Garden, and keep an eye on their Instagram for the latest news on all things D-8TE.

Please drink Roe & Co responsibly.

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