CHAR’s Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Modern Irish Da

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Various

There are many types of dads in the world. There’s the beer dad, coffee dad, hot sauce dad, whiskey dad, new age wine dad, grilling dad, and a dad that loves to eat.

Sure, there are probably a million more styles of Dad, but these are the dad we’re dealing with today. Every dad has their own way about them and their own interests, which somehow makes them notoriously hard to buy for. But if you have a dad or father figure in your life that fits into one of these moulds, then by George, do we have a rake of bits for you to choose from! 

The Beer Dad

When you think ‘craft beer-er’, I bet you a twenty-something Workman’s smoking area hipster circa 2010. Complete with a big scraggly beard. You’d be right on the money, but now it’s 2023. That guy is a whole thirteen years older and is probably a dad. He might not be your dad, but he is definitely dad-able. That guy might be among those with Zoomer daughters “hell-bent on roasting his craft beer affectations on TikTok, as profiled in VinePair. The ‘beer dad’ is akin to a Wine Mom. He has evolved from a lovable slob who only drinks lager to his final form as an endearingly cringy Untapped regular contributor. So here are six beers that will make your beer dad say, ‘Ooof, that’ll put hairs on your chest’. 

6 Craft Beers to Get Your Beer-Dad That Will Blow the Head off Him 

SO WILL BE NOW 7.6% €5.50

Wicklow Wolf Apex Oatmeal Stout 6.5% €3.50

Brehon Brew Just Because DIPA 8.5 % €3.33

White Hag Festa Nuda BA Stout  9 % €5.25

Bru Panda Nero 7 % €3.00

Boundary Brewing LET’S DO SOMETHING CLASS 6.4% €5.00

The Coffee Dad

Listen, millennials are old enough to be dads now. I know that’s a shock to many of us who still feel baby’s-bottom-fresh at ripe ages, but it’s true. Not all the dads in your life are your actual dad, some of your friends might be dads. Hell, you might be one too. Fatherhood comes for many people. You never know when it will strike you. But, as many of the internet-based affirmations say, coffee always helps. Especially if your child is in their not sleeping through the night era.

5 Bits to get Your Coffee Dad to Keep Him Awake:

Timemore Coffee Grinder €79.95

Areopress €39.95

Moccamaster KBG Select from Cloudpicker €239.95

Coffee subscription from Brew Box  starting from €16.00

La Cafetière 2-In-1 Coffee Tamper €29.50

Spicy Dad

The hot sauce dad is a new advent. In one generation, Ireland has gone from a spice-free zone to a place filled with an abundance of locally made hot sauces that’ll blow the head off ya if you’re not careful. Now there’s one in every family who always orders the hottest food in restaurants and loves a food challenge. And it’s usually the hot sauce dad. Dad’s dominate hot sauce discourse on socials. There are dads that log on and taste new hot sauces every Tuesday, and there are ‘hot dads’ who try hot sauces professionally. Of course, the popularisation of Hot Ones can be credited for this in some way. But I think it’s something we all age into eventually. So here are 5 hot sauces for yer thrill-seeking daddies. 

5 Sauces to Get Your Newfangled Hot Sauce Dad:

Scarlet for yer Ma €24

Chimac Sriracha Caramel €6.95

Frothing Ferments Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce €4.95

Masaalon Plum & Cardamom Chutney €5.40

CONBINBI- Onsen Hot Sauce €7.05

Whiskey Dad

Whiskey dad has been a thing since time immemorial. There is something about hard brown liquor that brings all the dads to the yard. In many ways, the whiskey industry has evolved way beyond this but sure it’s dad’s day this weekend so we may as well dig out the classics. Whiskey dad is an expensive one because aged liquor never comes cheap, especially now MUP is in place. But sure it’s once a year so you can make the exception.

5 Whiskies to get Your Classic Whiskey Dad:

Killowen Rum And Raisin Single Malt Whiskey 6 Year Old €65.99

Fercullen Falls Small Batch Irish Whiskey €41.95

Blue Spot Irish Whiskey €85

Dingle Single Malt La Le Bride Irish Whiskey €85

Drumshanbo Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey €59.99

Wine Dad

Wine dad’s are “typically laid back”, according to Urban Dictionary; especially when they’re sipping their favourite juice. Wine dad’s are known for their love of sharing wine with anyone who comes over. They often also come with a love of cheese, bread, and cured meats. Wine dads love a wine with a story to it, so here are five wines anyone will enjoy, but particularly your dad on his wine quest. 

5 Wines to Get Your Wine Dad That’ll Make Him Happy:

Alta Vista Terroir Selection Malbec €41.95

Florian Mollet Pinot Noir €14.95

Gonzalo Grijalba Gran Cerdo White €17.95

Love & Grapes Syrah Nobis €17.00

Bulli Sampagnino Rosa €17.50

Grillin’ Dad

Grilling dads a classic dad. They know their meats, they know their gear, and they know how to party. Who doesn’t wanna be this dad? This is such a trope it even has subgenres. There’s the low tec grilling dad who’s just happy to be putting ‘shrimps on the barbie’, the polo-neck-sandal combo grilling dad. There’s the chronic researcher and high-tech grill dad who obsessively monitors slabs of meat as they grill away. Then there’s the grill dad, who wants to grill it all. If it’s food, it can and will be grilled. So here are a few bits that will bring joy to the grill dad in your life. 

5 Bits to Get Your Grilling Dad to Level Up:

Wagyu beef from Higgins Butcher – price varies by size and availability

IPA BBQ Rub €9.99

Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Kitchen €37

Weber Precision 3-Piece Grilling Tool Set €68

Sahara BBQ Wood Chips – Maple and Bourbon €9.99

Gourmand Dad

Would you believe there are dads out there who like restaurants? In fact, there are quite a few of them. They lurk in the most unsuspecting places. They might even be in your home right now. So here are five places at every budget to take them on Sunday. For the day that’s in it. 

5 Places to Take Your Gourmand Dad:


Big Fan 



Monty’s of Kathmandu

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