Best Looking Pancakes to Eat In Dublin This Week

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Pancake Tuesday is hands down the best day of the year in Dublin to stuff your face. Forget Christmas or even St. Patrick’s Day; Pancake Tuesday is the OG of indulgent holidays.

You’ve got fluffy pancakes, crispy edges, gooey toppings, and all the syrup you can handle. It’s like a carb lover’s dream come true. It’s an excuse to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without anyone judging you. So grab your fork, stack those pancakes high, and enjoy Pancake Tuesday’s sweet taste. It’s worth the carb coma.


Italian Quarter – Lemon Jelly

I am an unashamed Lemon Jelly stan. I wrote my thesis sitting in their window. What I am trying to say is I am biased, but damn, their savoury french crepes are good. There’s just something about a French-style savoury crepe that makes it the most stunning pancake out there. It’s like the Audrey Hepburn of pancakes – elegant, sophisticated, and absolutely gorgeous. The thin, delicate crepe is perfectly cooked to a golden brown, and the savoury fillings inside are a work of art. The combinations are endless, from melted cheese, sautéed vegetables, and ham to mushrooms, spinach, and creamy sauces.

When a Leomon Jelly crepe is folded into a beautiful, neat package, it’s like a present just waiting to be unwrapped. Plus, the toppings and garnishes add a pop of colour, making everything look even more appetizing. So, if you’re looking for a pancake that’s as beautiful as it is delicious, look no further than Lemon Jelly. They have many options, but my favourite is the Italian Quarter. Add avocado to make it more millennial than the millennium walkway.


Vegan Pancakes – Nobo

Start your day the Vegan way at the new NoBo Treathouse Cafe in Ranelagh. These pancakes are a perfect vegan treat. Made with egg and dairy alternatives but still full of pancakey flavour and goodness, it’s the sweetest way to start your Pancake Tuesday quest. The


Go GF at Tang

Tang does many things well, and gluten-free pancakes are among them. I feel for gluten-free folks and their pancake plight. Sure, gluten is their plague, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a stack on Pancake Tuesday. It’s part of our culture; why should they be punished just because they have a dietary restriction? That’s just not fair. So to all you gluten-free folks out there, don’t fret. You deserve those pancakes, and dammit, you should have them. Go ahead, and indulge in Tang’s gluten-free Pancoga. After all, Pancake Tuesday is a day for all pancake lovers, no matter their dietary restrictions.

Goose on the Loose, Voici Creparie, and PóG also do GF pancakes. Just in case Tang is jammed and you are jonesing for your fix.


Artisanal Pancakes – Alma

If you’re looking for a truly indulgent Pancake Tuesday lunch, then you gotta get yourself to Alma for some locally sourced artisanal pancakes. Alma made their name on their classic Dulce de Leche Pancakes, and if you have not sampled Alma then Pancake Tuesday is the perfect day to change that.

Going to Alma is like going for a fancy brunch, but on a weekday – how bougie is that? These pancakes are made with the finest ingredients, with their suppliers listed on the menu. And you just know the chef who made them is some sort of pancake wizard, carefully crafting each one with the utmost care and attention. Think fancy-schmancy honey drizzle and your on the right track. It’s like a pancake revolution, and you’re on the front lines in Alma.


Le Petite Breton

If I was going for a crepe, this would be my go-to haunt. Not only do they have wine and dry cider to pair their dishes with, but their French-style crepes come with a perfectly cooked egg yolk in the middle. It’s like the pancake deities themselves came down and blessed these pancake-ers with their divine powers.

The crepe is already savoury and delicious, but add that perfectly runny yolk, and you’ve got a dish out of this world. You poke that yolk and let it ooze all over the crepe, and suddenly you’ve got a masterpiece that looks like it came straight out of a Disney movie. I mean, who needs anything else when you can have a dish that’s both savoury and indulgent, all at the same time? Get in and get on this bad boy asap.

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